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Latest NGx News #1

2008-05-31 16:40:29 by NGxtra

At the moment the New NGx aura is being created and will be done with all the levels, staff and bots.
I've got up to level 26 at the moment and these will be the users level ranks instead of the gold aura!

Anyway here's a preview:

Latest NGx News #1


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2008-05-31 17:57:47

Lawl :D


2008-05-31 19:26:09

Thumbs up!

Sorry for being so inactive. I'll try to swing by more, okay? ;)


2008-06-01 10:19:54

Hooray now mods will standout.

NGxtra responds:



2008-06-05 06:40:01

I know who you are,the thing is why do you want to collaborate with me?,i allready have 12 i think.

(Updated ) NGxtra responds:

Your a member of ngx therefor I added you.


2008-08-01 22:43:02

How do you get those kind of auras?


2008-08-15 15:33:12

You mild mannered Beast!
What do you think your doing!?